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Another request for darkfoolishfool.
Ah, this adorable woman inspire me to replay DLC once more.
An old request for leon-cobarde.
For darkfoolishfool.
zqmfbg asked : Can you do Zero in super stealth mode? His special ability was great in the games!


I didn’t understand what you want me to draw exactly, ‘coz Zer0’s “super stealth mode” (as I understood, Decepti0n) means invisibility. But I can’t draw invisible things. :’D

Anyway, I tried something. Hope you like it. 

Oh yeah, that was the last request. I’m gonna take a rest, draw smth for myself and stuff. Thanks everyone. <3    

Anonymous asked : What brush settings did you use to color?

Uhm… default marker. :/

insanetentacleprincess asked : Scooter and T.K. Baha? :3

I’m so sorry, but requests are closed already (see: ). They’ll open soon, probably, but I don’t make a queue in advance. So keep following my blog and be patient, please.
Thanks for understanding.)

Anonymous asked : What program did you use to draw?

Paint tool Sai.


Oh wait what

Darlings, I’m not… oh. (*ノ∀`*)

I’m too confused.

Achievement “to be in a strangers’ tags” unlocked.

Thanks, anyway. I appreciate it.)

phaselockandload asked : ( May I request something with Maya and Zer0? <3)


I spent a lot of time on searching for the idea to this drawing because OH GODDAMN OTP and so I wanted it to be interesting. 

Thank you for this request, that was fun. <3