AAaaah finally. ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

Thank you everyone.

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Heyoo, folks, guess what? I’ve finally got a paypal. And also I’ve updated this pricelist with my another style, and now two styles are available.

Contact me in askbox (or in notes on DA). Feel free to ask me questions, if you have them.

Thank you for attention!♠

VIA carrie-ash
ORIGINALLY carrie-ash

I wonder what problem is more important for Zer0 now.

(and now I’m going to bed. Probably I’ll do the rest of your requests in the morning, or probably not. Anyway, thanx everyone♥).

idk, maybe some requests? Borderlands, or Saints Row, or Mass Effect… or whatever fandom I also know. Traditional or digital, I’ll see.