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A Question.

So, sup, folks.
My previous message was missed, probably, so I wanna say it again.

I need money, so I’m gonna open commissions. But I’ve got a little problem. The problem is I can’t use paypal. Maybe in the future this problem will be solved, but I don’t exactly know when.

Maybe someone knows alternative way of international payment?

UPD: I need something, that I can really use. And something without using my real credit card, ‘coz it blocked. (-_-;)

rocket-grunt-sibyl asked : Wow, can I just say I love your art style?! Your drawings are so fantastic!

Aww Thank you a lot, darling. <3

leadenheart013 asked : Can you draw a cute Gaige and zero date?


I think, they’re just joking about each other.

Anonymous asked : Draw a stalker!


Chibi Zer0 as a bonus. I love these two.

Anonymous asked : If you are still doing the requests could you do Handsome Jack and Angel? Something sweet if possible?

I’m sorry, but requests are closed for now.
But I’m really going to draw Angel and Jack. Uhm… one day. I have an idea, but I don’t know when I can make it true.

numericalassassin asked : Mordecai and Bloodwing please!


Awww love them so much. Thanks for request.

Anonymous asked : Krieg and maya :D


Okay, I tried to draw Krieg again. :т


Finally, I’ve got four requests and can show, who is lucky (or probably I should say fast) enough and what I’m gonna draw.

Askbox is closed for requests now, thanks everybody. <3

Requests are open again… for a moment.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m gonna open free requests of Borderlands stuff again.

But, attention, I’ll draw only first FOUR requests.

There were really a lot of messages in my ask, and I just wasn’t able to draw everything.
I’ll take a screenshot of my askbox, when first four messages will be there, so you can find out, if you were late or not.

Thanks for understanding and good luck! I’m waiting for your requests.